Target a pain/gain point..

Just a killer of a domain that lends itself to multiple use cases. As a straight-up brand, Biohazard is edgy and powerful, but it’s also not a particularly specialist word, so you won’t lose people in the fog of science. A rare attribute in this type of brand.

Taking it another route, you can easily see as a very direct, poignant brand for a scientific resource hub — in related areas or perhaps even directly mapping and providing updates on current biological threats. These are just two obvious plays, there are surely more.

Invoke the need for protection

Given the current climate and the rise of endemic threats, might also make the ideal home for a project or app in the MedTech space. This is because it is a word that instantly focuses the user’s attention, invoking a pain point and the need for protection that many are feeling.


Most of humanity has also spent this decade carefully placing recently personalized nasal swabs into a plastic baggy with the biohazard symbol on it. So, cultural relevance couldn’t be any higher!

Coupling the word ‘Biohazard’ with the .io extension completes its killer brand status. And this, too, can work in multiple ways. While dot io is a renowned extension among the tech/startup community, it has also since very early on been used for efficiency or info-based apps — which a more science-based use of would align well with.


Command gravitas

If you take as an edgy brand for a project directly in tech, the impact is instant. It’s a dictionary word and such a common term in general discourse that the angle you’re going for will be immediately clear to the target audience.

This is because as far as potent scientific words go, ‘Biohazard’ is right up there in terms of familiarity. Recognizable and commanding gravitas among laypersons and scientists alike, without the need for further clarification (i.e. you don’t have to involve more science to explain the original science).

Inject attitude

When you think about it, ‘biohazard’ is a fairly unique word. It is no wonder then that it has been deployed as a brand by a host of players, great and small. Biohazard brands currently operating on suboptimal domains (using prefixes, suffixes, dashes, etc.) include purveyors of bags, motorcycles, comics, jewelry, ninja gear, smoking accessories, and even “the world’s strongest coffee”..

For the right lifestyle brand, the clean and crystal is pure branding diamond dust, achieving instant impact among demographics who prefer a bit more attitude.

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